Hacked By RxR HaCkEr

Hacked By RxR HaCkEr

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  2. arthur says:

    In the middle of the survey, the next button gets me back to the first page.
    I won’t fill it a third time, but in case you didn’t receive anything : http://smoothieware.org/smoothieboard

  3. arthur says:

    After filling question 16, the next button goes back to the first page.

    • Catarina says:

      Thanks! Only one other person had that problem and survey monkey says it might be related to individual browser settings. The survey saves your answers each time you click “next” so at least the responses you had the chance to enter will be counted!

      • arthur says:

        Oh that’s good. I’ll just be a bit frustrated I don’t know the last questions, but I can live with that 🙂
        The results will be more interresting anyways.

  4. Catarina says:

    We set up the survey so that people can go back at any time before April 15th and continue an incomplete questionnaire, though I’d feel awful if you did that and it reset on you again… Yes, I’m sure the results will be interesting!

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