Open Hardware SCHOLARSHIP submissions

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The Open Hardware Scholarship!

DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED to 12:00pm, September 14th EST.



Do you have the next big Open Hardware idea, but just don’t have the funds for it?

The Open Hardware Summit (OHS) is announcing its first Open Hardware scholarship this year! The purpose of the OHS scholarship is to support emerging artists/inventors and developers by providing funding for works that are released as Open Source Hardware. Granting these funds is an opportunity to draw attention to the Open Source Hardware movement, to give back to the DIY community, and to give you the chance to join a growing roster of gamechangers in Open Source Hardware history. If you have a project that is in the spirit of the OHS and supports the OHSW definition, we welcome your submissions.

Upwards of $2000 will be awarded. The scholarship is made available by the generous individuals and sponsors who have made the Open Hardware Summit possible.

The winner will be chosen by the public. All projects will be viewable online and voting will begin at 10am, September 14th. People will be able to vote on their favorite project remotely or onsite. The winning artist/group will be announce at the conclusion of OHS on September 15th at the New York Hall of Science

1. upload a 30 second (maximum) video clip to youtube that showcases the concept of your project. The title of the video MUST be the title of the work

2. include a short paragraph in the description of the video. Your description must start with the following sentence, and go on to explain your project in less than 500 characters.
“The following project is a submission to the Open Hardware Scholarship awarded by the Open Hardware Summit 2011.
Project title: …
Project Description:..”

3. email the following information to :

For submissions is 12:00pm, September 14th EST. NO EXCEPTIONS

Please feel free to email if you have any questions.

Where does the money come from? We had $2,000 USD left over from our funds last year and we thought the best way to use it is to give it back to the community.

Good luck!

Hirumi Nanayakkara
Scholarship Chair
Open Hardware Summit 2011

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5 Responses to Open Hardware SCHOLARSHIP submissions

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  2. Robert Karpinski says:

    Is this competition open to everyone or just residents of the USA?

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  4. Don Clark says:

    My ideal AR tablet

    Has anyone created a common comparison format/standard for hardware devices (tvs, monitors, cell phones, pdas, washing machines, autos, motorcycles, etc.)? this would make it easy to port data and compare devices easily. Could amazon or others (create a standards group) set the standard, then license it?

    Saw some tech magazine showing an article on a company (hardwire) creating woven steel for military use vehicles (lighter, stronger and bulletproof).
    My question is – can we incorporate this technology into cars, buildings, housing or furniture?

    Is there a hardware device that will allow any PC to be used by 2 or more users -simultaneously?
    Ideally, the other users would have another screen (to view), keyboard, and mouse. Worst case scenario – users could share a split screen. But just imagine how this might help the poorer communities. Maybe even help curb some eco waste. Great for coffeeshops that share wifi/pcs. Could this be done remotely (like

    more ideas here:

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