OSHW Logo closed, 129 Submissions Received!

We received a whopping 129 logos for the Open Source Hardware Definition! Wow, this is incredible! Thank you all for submitting, commenting, discussing. Submission is now closed, next step, we narrow them down, then open up for a public vote! Stay tuned, and follow us on twitter: @openhwsummit



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Deadline for OSHW logo submission EXTENDED TO March 3rd!

We’ve been overwhelmed with the response (over 45 logos submitted!) and many of you have asked for an more time. So we are extending the OSHW Logo Submission Deadline till MARCH 3rd!

With the Open Hardware Definition, we would like to release a logo for Open Hardware to be attached to the definition, and used to brand Open Hardware. Please propose your logos, or comment on the below ones at the Definition Forum under the thread OSHW LOGO.

The logo for the Open Hardware Definition must:

  • Be easy to print/see on a PCB
  • Be easy to print/see on a Schematic document
  • Signify Open-ness

Submit your logo in jpg or png format to the Definition Forum under the thread OSHW Logo. Please include the following information:

  • Title:
  • Designer:
  • Submitted by: (if different than Designer)
  • Date:
  • Description:

To look at the logos submitted to date, check the  logo page

The selection process will be a combination of a committe pre-selection and then a public vote of the community. More details to come soon.

Getting to be the person who designed the OSHW LOGO!

Go ahead and join the competition and GOOD LUCK!

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Over 31 Logo Submissions!

Over 31 submissions! The logo page has been updated with your logo submissions to the forum. We will keep accepting logos for another week (until Feb 24th) then will put logos up for selection. Don’t forget, submit your logo to the forum with your information, and go ahead and join the discussion!


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Open Hardware Definition 1.0 RELEASED!

Finally D-day is here! We are pleased to announce the 1.0 of the Open Source Hardware Definition.

The definition has undergone a few rounds of feedback, and feedback collection has been done (online, forums, open hardware summit, stakeholder’s websites, email etc) and posted here for review. Gradually, feedback has been converging more and more, and support for the definition growing.

We would like to thank everyone who took an active part in drafting the definition, and discussing it.

Now, to move forward, please HELP:

1. Endorse the definition, post your feedback on version 1.0 on the forum and the mailing list as we work towards a 1.1 update in the next few weeks / months.

2. Take a look at the logos we are considering for “open source hardware”, give feedback or submit your own logo on the forum, in the thread LOGO.

3. Show your support of the OSHW Definition by applying the definition to your work/project/website

This is a very important step in propelling our movement forward. PLEASE FORWARD FAR AND WIDE.

Congratulations to all!


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Towards a 1.0! compiled feedback for the OSHW definition

FFFEEEEW! So we scraped the web (yes, all of it!), and compiled (hopefully most of) feedback on the Open Hardware Definition draft 0.4.

The compilation doc lists the definition clauses as they stand today in the draft (http://www.freedomdefined.org/OSHW_draft), and below them points/comments made by people in the forums, article comments and the OHdefinition list.

Much of the discussion on the Sparkfun post was about “why do open hardware” or the business model. So unrelated to this. Where possible, i tried to list the contributor, and significant changes that were made to the draft.

From what I see, there are very few contentious points right now. For the most part we seem to be very close to a consensus. Particularly interested are changes Bruce perens made to the definition, and the addition of a licenses and hardware section

Forums: www.openhardwaresummit.org/forum, mostly the definition forum
Articles: articles listed here: http://www.openhardwaresummit.org/press/
Definition draft: compared versions: http://www.freedomdefined.org/OSHW_draft

See pt’s forum post here with the compiled document, please add feedback you have or have come across. HELP US GET TO A 1.0!


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New statement of principles and draft definition 0.4 is up

A new proposed Open Source Hardware (OSHW) Draft Statement of Principles and Definition is up.

The statement of principles is a high-level overview of the ideals of open-source hardware. The definition is an attempt to apply those ideals to a standard by which to evaluate licenses for hardware designs.

What do you think? What do you like? or not? Please join the discussion on the definition forum, and the definition mailing list

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Help define Open Source Hardware, help define the future

The Summit has ended, but the discussions have not! Please visit the draft wiki (v.04) for the revised definition from the Summit: http://freedomdefined.org/OSHW_draft

We invite you to discuss and comment in the forums and on the definition mailing list

Resources and References used for the current draft include:

If you’re looking for coverage of the event, make sure to check out the Documentation link for photos, speaker slides, and other items from the event. Video and audio will be coming soon!

…As for defining the future, has anyone seen those open source flux capacitors I misplaced?

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Goodies goodies bag

thanks Pt for posting and our generous sponsors for donating cool gadgets!

(click on image for notes)
OSHW summit goodie bag

Ps: apologies if not everyone at the summit got all the items listed, we had more attendees than expected!

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Thank you

Thank you all for attending, speaking, helping. The Open Hardware Summit was incredible. Already we are getting requests for a summit in 2011! For now we are catching up on sleep, and are getting ready for an exciting MakerFaire weekend. Stay tuned for slides and videos.

In the meantime, subscribe to the mailing list , check out the twitter coverage (#openhardware, #openhwsummit and #ohs) and continue the discussion on the forums.


alicia and ayah

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Live Webcast

We will be streaming the entire conference tomorrow!  Now everyone who canʻt make it CAN!  Weʻll be live here: http://ustre.am/oaVr

We are live tweeting the event on our Twitter acount: @openhwsummit.  Join the conversation during Q+Aʻs by tweeting #openhardware and #openhwsummit

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