UPDATE: The public has voted! The Open Hardware scholarship winner is: BitponicsMichael Zick Doherty & Amit Kumar::Brooklyn, NY.


[youtubegallery] The Imaginary Marching Band Scott Peterman :: New York City, NY. Description: The Imaginary Marching Band is a series of open-source wearable instruments that allow people to create real music through pantomime. With this work, I seek to advocate a more humorous and humane take on the devices that increasingly rule our daily lives. The Imaginary Marching Band proposes a future where technology helps us interact with the real world in more memorable, unique, and ultimately fun wayVOTE| Learning Pet Erin K (RobotGrrl). Description: Learning Pet is designed for elementary school students. We demonstrate a number sort ascending game, “Math in Space Quest”, whereby the student is interacting with the robot directly to move the virtual pet and blast the lowest numbered UFOs. Correct answers are celebrated with a wing flap, whereas incorrect answers make the beak open and close. For each level-up, there is a mini dance that follows. For away from the computer scenarios, we use the Android ADK to interact with mobile devices. VOTE| 3x3x3 Cube Arduino Shield Joey Hudy. Description: Hi my name is Joe Hudy, I am 14 years old and in the 8th grade and I have Aspergers. My project is the 3x3x3 led cube arduino shield.The 3x3x3 led cube arduino shield comes in two different colors red and green. I have written eight different codes fore the shield that you can get of of my website you can alter the codes so that you make your own pattern. I want to make tons more projects and kits. VOTE| BrainVision Kai Yui Chan. Description: BrainVision is a device that stimulates pseudo-vision for blind people, which allows them to see the world in low resolution via a camera.  The small-sized device is worn on the head and can be produced at $100. The device consists of a tongue piece, camera component and an Arduino Mega board.  The camera is mounted on the wearer’s head, which the software on the Arduino board simplifies into 8-bit video data.  This data is sent to the tongue piece, which is a matrix mapping of the video image with black and white colour information. VOTE| Open Toys Santiago Ferreira. Description: The idea came in search of a draft introduction to electronics.The basic idea is to create and distribute educational kits, based on OpenSource , robotics and electronics, similar to Meccanolego mindstorms .For this wood cabinets in different objects in kits DIY (Do It Yourself, Do It Yourself) with mechanical and electronic parts using a laser cutting of wood for the production of different elements to assemble .As the “brain” board used Arduino , hardware and OpenSource widely used worldwide in the development of electronic projects.VOTE| Breath Communication Device Stephanie Fynn. Description: Using e-textiles and the latest breath sensor technologies I want to create an open source device which is easy to assemble and inexpensive to create.I have been a disability support worker for 5 years and I often come across people who are unable to communicate with sign language due to problems with their fine motor skills, nor are they able to talk, yet I know they are able to comprehend. This device will give people with disabilities a chance to communicate their thoughts and needs. By creating an established breathing language, which can be learnt using tutorials, this device will transform breath into a medium for communication giving these people a true sense of independence.VOTE| Chemhacker Open Source Scanning-Tunneling Microscope Sacha De’Angeli. Description: Submission to the Open Hardware Scholarship:An open source digital Scanning Tunneling Microscope for about 1/25th the cost of commercial units.Commercial STMs are about $25k: a prohibitively high cost of entry to nanotechnology experimenters and students. There are students and amateur do-it-yourself STMs projects out there, but these projects are inactive, out of date, and/or include details locked away in dissertations or intellectual property restrictions. VOTE| Open Delight Chris Hardee & 10BitWorks – San Antonio Hackerspace. Description: Open Delight is a free and open hardware arcade platform, that can be easily and cheaply made.One of the first major projects hacker/makers undertake is building a MAME arcade cabinet, but most of these focus on building the cabinet themselves, which itself is a design relic of the mid-90s. After which the maker is left with proprietary electronics and software to finish the project. Open Delight aims fill in the gap here.VOTE| MetronOSH Sean Barag. Description: MetronOSH is a fully open source (hardware and software) extended-function metronome. By providing functions only found in $100+ devices, it allows proper music rehearsal to be as accessible as possible. The open source design of MetronOSH allows it to evolve and adapt to new styles and techniques to better suit the ever-changing musical culture.VOTE| DontFlushMe Leif Percifield. DontFlushMe was created to allow NYC residents to help reduce the amount of pollution in the harbor. Some 27 billion gallons of raw sewage overflows into the harbor every year. This is the largest source of water pollution in New York. This comes from Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) that open when the sewer system is overloaded. The idea is to enable residents to understand when the overflows happen and reduce their wastewater production before and during an overflow event.Arduino based sensors will be created and placed in key CSO locations throughout the city. The information collected will be available via a wide ranging alert network.VOTE| Open Source Calculator Project (OSCP) OSCP Team, Sammy Steffl and Caleb Jamison. Description: Our intent with the OSCP is to create a calculator with out the limitations of a regular graphing calculator. Furthermore, the calculator will be expandable in the same way as an Arduino or similar development platform.VOTE| deterritorializer Chris Novello. Description: The deterritorializer is an instrument that routes information within & between computer programs. It is a USB device that associates physical jacks and patch cables with software OSC addresses and data routing.I use it to make video games play each other, explode word processors, and create bleepmusic, but it works with any software that speaks OSC. Anything can be connected to anything – your imagination is the limit.It is open source everything (hardware & all related software). VOTE| Carbon Fiber Trumpet Kyle Bartholomew. Description: A trumpet made from carbon fiber composite would have exceptional tone, performance, and ease of use. The money from this scholarship would allow me to buy tools and costly carbon fiber to prototype a carbon fiber trumpet. I have ideas for a process for making the complex tubes in a trumpet, which I would describe in detailed OSHW compliant documentation.VOTE| Citizen Sensor Joe Saavedra. Description: Citizen Sensor is an open-source DIY environmental monitoring and data collection system. It allows users to collect data about their everyday lives using a modular sensor pack and a cell phone’s data connection. This data is then shared online allowing a community like Pachube to learn about their collective environmental quality.I released a carbon monoxide sensor breakout kit at Maker Faire last year. I am still in need of funding to release the modular bluetooth sensor pack as a kit along with an Android application. There is also interest in stationary units which would utilize the Nanode to share with Pachube.VOTE| Low Cost IVRS Accessory for Mobile Phones Rohit Dureja::New Delhi, India. Description: IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) are employed in almost every organization today. They provide access to information in a completely automated way. This project aims to design an IVRS accessory for mobile phones, which can convert any phone into an IVRS Server. It interfaces to the audio jack and thus is compatible with every mobile phone ever made. It doesn’t require a PC interface and uses ULV processor design, thus winning in terms of energy consumption. The entire setup is easy to use and is estimated to be 10 times cheaper than conventional IVR Systems. It enables you to set up your own IVR system in minutes. Moreover, it can interact in more than 10 different languages, using eSpeak(| Bitponics Michael Zick Doherty & Amit Kumar::Brooklyn, NY. Description: Bitponics is an open source networked home hydroponics monitoring system. It tracks light, humidity, temperature, pH, and PPM and transmits these readings via WIFI to a web database. Once online, custom software allows us to analyze and visualize this data. The web interface also controls the intervals of any pumps or lighting in the system. It is geared to educate and give a better understanding of how plants grow and function. VOTE| Motate128 Rob Giseburt. Description: Primarily designed to drive 3D printers, such as RepRaps and MakerBots, as well as CNC milling machines and DIY laser cutters, it’s truly capable of driving almost any project that is based on bipolar stepper motors.VOTE| OSHW Pick and Place Machine John Schuch Description: I want to build an OSHW Pick & Place machine with specifications thatwill make it viable for small-scale electronics manufacturing. Thismachine should have a placement cycle time of less than 5 seconds (2second target), and sufficient accuracy to allow placement of SOICpackages without a vision system. It will be designed such that thecommunity can develop add-on modules, like machine vision or mid-placement component testing. The entire design/build process will bedocumented on line.VOTE| olyMEMS Jounce Labs. Description: Olympic weightlifitng involves some pretty complex movements, and it turns out that tracking the acceleration and velocity of the weights is quite useful for gauging performance, technique and fatigue. What we’ve done is attached an inertial measurement unit on the weights. It collects the relevant data, and sends it to a base station or a computer. We would like to develop our initial prototype into a polished product and really make this tool open and accessible for athletes and coaches worldwide.VOTE| Bitbeam Jason Huggins, Sauce Labs. Description: Bitbeam is an experiment to combine my two favorite prototyping tools:balsa/basswood and Lego. The idea is to miniaturize grid beam and makeit Lego Technic compatible.As with Lego, you can build anything with bitbeam. My first bitbeamproject is to build a CNC machine, but with a twist. My background isin software testing, so I’m building a machine out of bitbeam that cantest applications on actual mobile hardware, using the Seleniumautomation API.VOTE| Pet Project Philip Lindsay. Description: In the 8-bit computer era anyone could learn toprogram & produce results comparable to professionals. This is nottrue in these days of million dollar budgets & big teams. Pet Projectenables a beginning programmer to create a Tamagotchi-style hardwareproject with production values equivalent to a modern toy.VOTE| The P.V.B (Beta) Noa Dolberg. Description: I developed a mechanical device implanted inside the piano.A system of switches in strategic points turned on by the touch of the keys. The electric signals, translated by the computer, are projected as colors, shapes and images on to screens around the piano.VOTE| The Scrap to Stuff Project Alex Thomson Description: The goal of this project is to empower individuals around the world with the ability to create complex metallic objects, using as many readily available resources as possible, in order to create the tools they need to improve their lives. By combining modern 3D printing technology with traditional metalworking skills, the project will produce a free and open-source method of inexpensive metal fabrication published in the form of a website and thesis paper (at the Pennsylvania State University). VOTE| OpenROV Eric Stackpole & David Lang :: San Francisco Description: OpenROV is a low-cost, open source, DIY underwater robot. Right now, most scientifically capable ROV’s cost many thousands of dollars. OpenROV will be comparably capable and a fraction of the cost. OpenROV will be a tool to unlock the potential of citizen scientists everywhere to explore the oceans, lakes, and rivers in their own backyard.It’s made entirely of off-th-shelf-components. We’re so close to making this OpenROV a reality – just a few design tweaks left. We’d put the Scholarship to good use by getting nearly-complete prototypes to the engineers who can finish the job. The results will benefit everyone.VOTE| EnableRx EnableRx :: Pittsburgh. Description: Enabling Open Technologies for next generation diagnostics.VOTE| smartCaster: Open Source Rotocaster Aurelio Reis :: Montreal, Canada. Description:The smartCaster is an automatic roto-casting machine running off of open source electronics with plans that will be freely available under the CERN open hardware license.VOTE| Bushwick.taz Sean McIntyre :: Brooklyn, NY. Description:I am developing bushwick.taz, a virtual space over a decentralized mesh network freely available to residents of Bushwick via rooftops. My goals are to (1) create an alternative medium free of monitoring, DoS, and commercial influence, and (2) create a replicable model for mesh networks in censored neighborhoods. Users will log on to the network using Ethernet or WiFi. Internet services such as web hosting and email will be available, however, bushwick.taz will separate from the Internet. VOTE| [/youtubegallery]     SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. PLEASE VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE PROJECT! DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED to 12:00pm, September 14th EST. UPDATE: VOTING WINDOW: SEPT 14TH @ 6:00PM – SEPT 15TH @ 6:00PM Do you have the next big Open Hardware idea, but just don’t have the funds for it? The Open Hardware Summit (OHS) is announcing its first Open Hardware scholarship this year! The purpose of the OHS scholarship is to support emerging artists/inventors and developers by providing funding for works that are released as Open Source Hardware. Granting these funds is an opportunity to draw attention to the Open Source Hardware movement, to give back to the DIY community, and to give you the chance to join a growing roster of gamechangers in Open Source Hardware history. If you have a project that is in the spirit of the OHS and supports the OHSW definition, we welcome your submissions. PRIZE Upwards of $2000 will be awarded. The scholarship is made available by the generous individuals and sponsors who have made the Open Hardware Summit possible. PUBLIC VOTE The winner will be chosen by the public. All projects will be viewable online and voting will begin at 10am, September 14th. People will be able to vote on their favorite project remotely or onsite. The winning artist/group will be announce at the conclusion of OHS on September 15th at the New York Hall of Science INSTRUCTIONS1. upload a 30 second (maximum) video clip to youtube that showcases the concept of your project. The title of the video MUST be the title of the work 2. include a short paragraph in the description of the video. Your description must start with the following sentence, and go on to explain your project in less than 500 characters. Example: “The following project is a submission to the Open Hardware Scholarship awarded by the Open Hardware Summit 2011. Project title: … Project Description:..” 3. email the following information to :

DEADLINE For submissions is 12:00pm, September 14th EST. NO EXCEPTIONS NOTES: Please feel free to email if you have any questions. Where does the money come from? We had $2,000 USD left over from our funds last year and we thought the best way to use it is to give it back to the community. Good luck! Hirumi Nanayakkara Scholarship Chair Open Hardware Summit 2011

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