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OSHW Definition and Previous Works:

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What companies produce Open Source Hardware:

  • Adafruit
  • Arduino
  • Beagle Board
  • Bug Labs
  • Centeye
  • Chumby
  • DIYdrones
  • Evil Mad Scientist
  • GfxHax
  • GoGoBoard
  • GROUND Lab
  • LilyPad
  • LittleBits
  • mcu Labs
  • Makerbot
  • OpenCores
  • Rachel’s Electronics
  • Rogue Robotics
  • Seeed Studio
  • Sparkfun
  • SnootLab
  • Texas Instruments
  • ThingM
  • Ultimaker
  • Wiring
  • GfxHax

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9 Responses to References

  1. Mike says:

    I would love to attend to the conference but living inthe UK it isnt that easy.I am hoping that it will have a twitter element and even a streaming video or download video fter the event.
    Have a great time and make sure Creativity lives something we in th UK are struggling with under a new (none Creative) government.

    • Joly MacFie says:

      Hi Mike

      Alicia has asked me to video the event for later webcast and I have promised to do so. A live webcast is still a possibility.

    • I’m researching RepRap and open hardware and I would love to be kept in the loop! Please let us know how we could participate (remotely) as much as possible! Joly: Live webcast would be best suitable for this…

  2. renato gomes sobral barcellos says:

    I’m researcher at the Federal Fluminense University and I will develop the open hardware research group here. My participation in 23rd open hardware is not easy. I want receive the informations, articles and other publications for discuss with researchers.


  3. LukaP says:

    Video streaming or video download after event would be great!

    There is many of us from around the world who can not make it to the event 🙁
    This would also enable us to keep our CO2 footprint low since we would not have to travel 🙂

    All the best!

  4. I would love to attend the event but I’m having difficulty with travel. Live streaming, particularly interactive, would be pretty incredible. If there is any way to figure out the cost, perhaps those of us who are far away could assemble a donation pot of some kind?

  5. John Boxall says:

    A video recording of the talks for download or viewing later would be wonderful, living in Australia makes attendance somewhat expensive and wasteful. Have a great summit!

  6. Mikio@JAPAN says:

    I can attend the event !.

    But,video recording the event for viewing later would be wonderful.

  7. GuruSantiago says:

    I can not attend, but I am very interested in being able to view the video. My company will provide open source hardware to aid people in learning electronics.


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