Passing the torch!

Some members from the 2011 dream team with Ayah & Alicia

After two amazing and inspiring iterations (2011 and 2010), we are excited to announce we are passing the Open Hardware Summit torch!

We had an amazing two years: we collectively created the first OSHW definition (which has been adopted by CERN), communally created a logo for our movement, grew into a community that supports each other on forumsmailing lists and sponsorships, launched the first Open Hardware Scholarship, turned a conference goodie bag into something you would wrestle over, and created a geek red carpet that would have the Oscar’s drooling!

It was inspiring serving such an impassioned community, and we will both continue to serve in our own ways. The Open Hardware Summit is a mission-driven conference. It’s non-profit, and a labour of love. Our aim is to continually involve more and more of the community. In that effort we are announcing Catarina Mota and Dustyn Roberts as the two new co-chairs for the 2012 Open Hardware Summit.


Catarina Mota & Dustyn Roberts


With Catarina’s expertise in Open Materials, and Dustyn’s work in open mechanisms and robotics, each will bring a unique new dimension to the term “Open Hardware” and together broaden the relevance and reach of our movement and summit.

Thank you all for the support, we cannot stress enough that this is your movement, and everyone here has helped make it happen. The support for the Summit, from helping hands to donations, made it possible. Please continue to support the movement as it goes forward.

Put your hands together for Catarina and Dustyn!


Alicia & Ayah

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Thank you

Thank you to all for attending, participating, supporting, sponsoring, and helping the Summit be a huge success this year! Thank you to our speakers, breakout session facilitators and demo’ers, the content you all shared is truly what makes the Summit exciting, captivates the audience, and accelerates discussion. And thank you for sharing your slides! Videos will be up soon, in the meantime check out the photos from Jacob Gibb and John De Cristofaro on the Open Hardware Summit’s flickr stream.

Thank you to our SPONSORS who generously support the Summit. Each donation both from individuals and companies made a huge difference. We urge you to check out our sponsors, these are the companies believing in the open source hardware movement today and sharing a very large part of what it takes to run a conference – money!

The Summit is completely volunteer run and non-profit. We couldn’t have done it without our dream team and several last minute volunteers who stepped up to tasks we didn’t expect! We are so fortunate to have an amazing community full of talented, giving people – please carry the excitement of the day with you into 2012.

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We got 1.573 votes in 24 hours. You are awesome!

The winner is:
BITPONICS – Michael Zick Doherty & Amit Kumar :: Brooklyn, NY.  – 200 votes (%13 of all votes)

Open Hardware Summit Scholarship winner

Second place:
Buswick Taz – Sean McIntyre :: Brooklyn, NY – 157 votes (%10 of all votes)

Third place:
The Scrap to Stuff Project – Alex Thomson – 150 votes (%10 of all votes)

CONGRATULATIONS to BITPONICS, you’ve won $2,000 courtesy of the generous Open Hardware Community!

Thank you all for your participation.

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We had great support for all our scholarship candidates.
Thanks everyone for the support and contribution!

The winner will be announced very soon. Stay connected!



Look at project videos and learn more information about the projects. Then promote your favorite project by voting.

THE VOTING WILL TAKE PLACE IN A 24 HOUR PERIOD FROM SEPTEMBER 14 6PM TO SEPTEMBER 15 6PM. The winner will receive a prize of $2000.

Support the Open Hardware community with your contribution.

You can look at the projects and vote for your best project here.


Open Hardware SCHOLARSHIP submissions

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The Open Hardware Scholarship!

DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED to 12:00pm, September 14th EST.



Do you have the next big Open Hardware idea, but just don’t have the funds for it?

The Open Hardware Summit (OHS) is announcing its first Open Hardware scholarship this year! The purpose of the OHS scholarship is to support emerging artists/inventors and developers by providing funding for works that are released as Open Source Hardware. Granting these funds is an opportunity to draw attention to the Open Source Hardware movement, to give back to the DIY community, and to give you the chance to join a growing roster of gamechangers in Open Source Hardware history. If you have a project that is in the spirit of the OHS and supports the OHSW definition, we welcome your submissions.

Upwards of $2000 will be awarded. The scholarship is made available by the generous individuals and sponsors who have made the Open Hardware Summit possible.

The winner will be chosen by the public. All projects will be viewable online and voting will begin at 10am, September 14th. People will be able to vote on their favorite project remotely or onsite. The winning artist/group will be announce at the conclusion of OHS on September 15th at the New York Hall of Science

1. upload a 30 second (maximum) video clip to youtube that showcases the concept of your project. The title of the video MUST be the title of the work

2. include a short paragraph in the description of the video. Your description must start with the following sentence, and go on to explain your project in less than 500 characters.
“The following project is a submission to the Open Hardware Scholarship awarded by the Open Hardware Summit 2011.
Project title: …
Project Description:..”

3. email the following information to :

For submissions is 12:00pm, September 14th EST. NO EXCEPTIONS

Please feel free to email if you have any questions.

Where does the money come from? We had $2,000 USD left over from our funds last year and we thought the best way to use it is to give it back to the community.

Good luck!

Hirumi Nanayakkara
Scholarship Chair
Open Hardware Summit 2011

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Unveiling the Open Hardware Summit 2011: Schedule, Breakouts and Tickets

We are incredibly excited to announce an extraordinary lineup of speakers this year, featuring some of the biggest game-changers in Open Hardware history.

Please, purchase your tickets here:
Tickets include breakfast, lunch, snack time, cocktails, plus an amazing goodie bag from our fabulous sponsors. The goodie bag will also include one (1) complimentary Maker Faire ticket. More about tickets and accommodations on the Attend page.

This year we’ve created an overflow space in the cafeteria to accommodate more people. The auditorium seating is first come.


Due to popular demand, this year we have breakout sessions in the afternoon session, to facilitate smaller group discussions. You will be asked to select a breakout session when purchase your ticket.


Sponsors, we still need you! The Open Hardware Summit would not be possible without you. We strive to keep the summit accessible, and still need some help covering our budget. Please consider joining our current rockstar sponsors, and see the amazing benefits you can get!

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A Maker Faire ticket is in the bag!

We’re excited to announce that Maker Faire, our partner in crime and catalyst to the Open Hardware Summit, will be including one (1) complimentary ticket to Maker Faire in the Open Hardware Summit goodie bag! As many people are familiar with Maker Faire in this crowd, we think you’ll be excited too.

If you haven’t been to Maker Faire, it’s a very a prominent and important part of the DIY movement and has extremely strong overlap with open source hardware. The New York Maker Faire is Saturday and Sunday (Sept. 17th and 18th), just 2 days after the Summit. You can check out other Maker Faires locations on the Maker Faire website:

We hope you’ll take advantage of the complimentary ticket and further support the DIY / Maker movement. The fabulous people on the Maker Faire crew have given the Summit a large amount of support from getting us hotel room blocks, and allowing us to take over NYSCI on one of their days, to advice about speakers and twitter. We are honored to be part of this community, standing on the shoulders of giants. We couldn’t do it without you!

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Sponsors, we need you!

We at the Open hardware Summit work very hard to keep the summit accessible to all people and companies, big or small. We keep the ticket prices affordable (even with meals, cocktails, a kickass lineup and a goodie bag to die for!), we cap sponsorship levels, and we plan a scholarship for open hardware with the remaining funds. But in order to do this, we need your help! Please consider supporting the Open Hardware Summit 2011 by being a sponsor. Different levels are available, and (besides making history), the benefits are totally worth it!

Thank you to people who have already Sponsored for 2011.






Cute Digi
Jack Linke, US Marine stationed in Afganistan
Bean Capers


Click here

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Early bird tickets sold out!

We are completely and utterly sold out of reduced price Early Bird tickets. But you can still attend the Open Hardware Summit! Get on the mailing list and follow us on twitter to get notified when the rest of the tickets go on sale (for students and others). There will be a limited number, so get ready to act fast!

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