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On February 10th, 2011, we launched the Open Hardware Definition v1.0, and launched a competition to select an OSHW Logo.Β Over 129 submissions have come in over 2 weeks, and a very active discussion on theΒ forums.

The selection of the OSHW Definition logo occurred in 2 stages:

First, an invited selection committee reviewed and narrowed down the submissions (over 129) to the top 10 logos. The selection committee consisted of some of the most instrumental people in pushing forward/developing/writing/promoting the Open Hardware Definition (full list of members can be found here).

Now we open those 10 logos to a PUBLIC VOTE and have the community select the top logo. Cast your vote here! Deadline is April 5th.

And don’t forget to tweet, retweet, promote, forward. Let the OSHW community make its voice heard!



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  2. Ed Marshall says:

    Just FYI: the voting page is pretty badly rendered in most of the browsers I tested (IE/Chrome/FF on Win7, Chrome on Linux); the background doesn’t appear to surround the voting choices, and there’s little visible boxes around every section of the screen.

    But, voting still works. πŸ™‚ Great job on narrowing down the selection; that was a ton of logos to go through!

  3. ayah says:

    i know! i dont know where the “span column” stuff is coming from. It’s not from micropoll, or the site. But voting still works. Ill try to fix this ugliness..

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