OSHW Logo Selected!

The results of the public votes for the OSHW logo are in! Almost 9000 people voted, and the community selected “Golden Orb” by Macklin Chaffee as the OSHW Logo v1.0 (submitted on Feb 11th, 2011).

Congratulations Golden Orb, thank you all for voting!

If you support the OSHW Definition 1.0, you can GO AHEAD and Apply the OSHW Definition and logo to you projects and circuits. Here’s to another great day for Open Hardware!

Note: Detailed vote results here. As previously mentioned, some IP addresses registered large amount of votes. With the help of micropoll.com, we were able to disqualify those votes.
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52 Responses to OSHW Logo Selected!

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  3. Very cool, I’m glad I could help!

    You can find the photoshop file I created here — http://www.openhardwaresummit.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=421&p=836#p836

    Good luck with all your projects!

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  6. Justin says:

    Awesome logo, Macklin!

    Can I ask someone to please adjust the kerning on the font better before putting this on anything, though? The spacing after the r’s is killing me a little bit. 🙂

    Macklin, what font did you use for the text? I’ll happily contribute a vector version of the logo + kerned text.

    • Jeremy says:

      I hear you on the kerning after the R’s. Funny how something technically correct can look incorrect aesthetically.

      • David says:

        …spacing after the r’s what?
        …after the R’s what?
        Ah, perhaps you just meant the rs and Rs.

  7. Justin says:

    Whoops, just saw that someone right below you in that thread did a vector version. 🙂

  8. Adam Meyer says:

    I just whipped it up really quickly. It may need some tweaking.

  9. Joem says:

    Looks great! Is anybody interested in a EAGLE lbr library so this can be easily placed on circuit boards?

  10. Richard Benjamin says:

    I like it, but it would have been soooo much better with proper tooth profiles. The gear tooth is a beauty of geometric perfection that works smoothly, and looks good.

    http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5505 is a good script. Modify by removing the ‘linear_extrude’, press f6 and save as DXF – you can then load the 2D data almost anywhere…


    • John says:

      I agree about the gear tooth profile! Flat teeth don’t give a constant rotational velocity.

  11. Jado says:

    I like it! I was a hard choice among many excellent designs, but the right one I came out on top I think. Put up a merch shop and let us buy some stickers and use the funds to spread the OSH word.

  12. Whitt says:

    It is a shame this one was chosen…it looks too much like the Sencha Ext JS logo:


  13. Richard Benjamin says:

    I knocked up my variant (hope thats ok, I am a gear nut) here :

  14. Federico (F2) Lucifredi says:

    I am thinking of the 3D printing possibilities that are inherent in the cog design… way cool 🙂

    Best -F

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  18. Henrylol says:

    As a graphic designer I have to ask
    What a gear has to do with open hardware?

  19. Enrique says:

    It reminds me of the Open Source Initiative logo ( http://opensource.org ). But I guess that’s intentional, isn’t it?

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  22. Robert says:

    Hi, Congratulations Macklin winning the popular choice. However I’m concerned…

    How is your logo, which is now everyone’s logo, going to look in reality? Silkscreened?
    1) It’s not monochrome
    2) The font is not going to scale-down well.
    3) There are kerning issues.

    I think there were other designs, that were a lot simpler, that would have been a better choice. I’m sorry, but some thing’s are not best left to democracy. Democracy assumes everyone has good taste.

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  24. Aestros says:

    Congratulations!!!! Nice design ; )

    PS: Happy end, the vote issue now belongs to the Past.

  25. GRAYnomad says:

    I think the right one logo was chosen. There are three issue it seems…

    Kerning: the space after the two Rs should be tightened (so I’ll just do that myself)
    PCB: the text won’t work on a PCB, I suggest dropping it and just using the graphic. (I haven’t tried this yet but assume it would work)
    Two colours: Classic error from the days of fax machines, so fill with the outline colour or leave clear and just have the outline.

    Wether or not these options would be officially endorsed as variants I don’t know, but even if not they would be better than not having the logo on your widget.

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  27. Excelente noticia!! ahora los fabricantes van a poder identificar de manera inequívoca los productos de Hardware Abierto 😀

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  29. Vlad says:

    Congratulations! I believe this is excellent confirmation of the hypothesis that the majority chooses the mediocre. Guys, this is just a bad unprofessionally made ​​ typographically overwrought logo. Badly built. Font is not consistent with the tracing. Details are not in agreement with others. The idea is far from content. In general, it is not even worthy to school crafts. This is a really bad sign. IMHO, it is very doubtful that someone with a minimal taste will use it as an open hardware logo 🙂

  30. I used an Egg-Bot (which is OSHW) to plot the logo on an egg: http://www.flickr.com/photos/raster/5625273307/

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  44. I’ve collected all of the different formats of the logo that I could find and given them a permanent home at http://oshwlogo.com/

    More formats are always welcome; the details are on the website.


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