Towards a 1.0! compiled feedback for the OSHW definition

FFFEEEEW! So we scraped the web (yes, all of it!), and compiled (hopefully most of) feedback on the Open Hardware Definition draft 0.4.

The compilation doc lists the definition clauses as they stand today in the draft (, and below them points/comments made by people in the forums, article comments and the OHdefinition list.

Much of the discussion on the Sparkfun post was about “why do open hardware” or the business model. So unrelated to this. Where possible, i tried to list the contributor, and significant changes that were made to the draft.

From what I see, there are very few contentious points right now. For the most part we seem to be very close to a consensus. Particularly interested are changes Bruce perens made to the definition, and the addition of a licenses and hardware section

Forums:, mostly the definition forum
Articles: articles listed here:
Definition draft: compared versions:

See pt’s forum post here with the compiled document, please add feedback you have or have come across. HELP US GET TO A 1.0!


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