Open Hardware Definition 1.0 RELEASED!

Finally D-day is here! We are pleased to announce the 1.0 of the Open Source Hardware Definition.

The definition has undergone a few rounds of feedback, and feedback collection has been done (online, forums, open hardware summit, stakeholder’s websites, email etc) and posted here for review. Gradually, feedback has been converging more and more, and support for the definition growing.

We would like to thank everyone who took an active part in drafting the definition, and discussing it.

Now, to move forward, please HELP:

1. Endorse the definition, post your feedback on version 1.0 on the forum and the mailing list as we work towards a 1.1 update in the next few weeks / months.

2. Take a look at the logos we are considering for “open source hardware”, give feedback or submit your own logo on the forum, in the thread LOGO.

3. Show your support of the OSHW Definition by applying the definition to your work/project/website

This is a very important step in propelling our movement forward. PLEASE FORWARD FAR AND WIDE.

Congratulations to all!


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  4. F2 says:

    Woooo! Well done!

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  17. Here, I translated the OSHW Definition into Latin. Because everything sounds more important in Latin.

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