Thank you

Thank you to all for attending, participating, supporting, sponsoring, and helping the Summit be a huge success this year! Thank you to our speakers, breakout session facilitators and demo’ers, the content you all shared is truly what makes the Summit exciting, captivates the audience, and accelerates discussion. And thank you for sharing your slides! Videos will be up soon, in the meantime check out the photos from Jacob Gibb and John De Cristofaro on the Open Hardware Summit’s flickr stream.

Thank you to our SPONSORS who generously support the Summit. Each donation both from individuals and companies made a huge difference. We urge you to check out our sponsors, these are the companies believing in the open source hardware movement today and sharing a very large part of what it takes to run a conference – money!

The Summit is completely volunteer run and non-profit. We couldn’t have done it without our dream team and several last minute volunteers who stepped up to tasks we didn’t expect! We are so fortunate to have an amazing community full of talented, giving people – please carry the excitement of the day with you into 2012.

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