Passing the torch!

Some members from the 2011 dream team with Ayah & Alicia

After two amazing and inspiring iterations (2011 and 2010), we are excited to announce we are passing the Open Hardware Summit torch!

We had an amazing two years: we collectively created the first OSHW definition (which has been adopted by CERN), communally created a logo for our movement, grew into a community that supports each other on forumsmailing lists and sponsorships, launched the first Open Hardware Scholarship, turned a conference goodie bag into something you would wrestle over, and created a geek red carpet that would have the Oscar’s drooling!

It was inspiring serving such an impassioned community, and we will both continue to serve in our own ways. The Open Hardware Summit is a mission-driven conference. It’s non-profit, and a labour of love. Our aim is to continually involve more and more of the community. In that effort we are announcing Catarina Mota and Dustyn Roberts as the two new co-chairs for the 2012 Open Hardware Summit.


Catarina Mota & Dustyn Roberts


With Catarina’s expertise in Open Materials, and Dustyn’s work in open mechanisms and robotics, each will bring a unique new dimension to the term “Open Hardware” and together broaden the relevance and reach of our movement and summit.

Thank you all for the support, we cannot stress enough that this is your movement, and everyone here has helped make it happen. The support for the Summit, from helping hands to donations, made it possible. Please continue to support the movement as it goes forward.

Put your hands together for Catarina and Dustyn!


Alicia & Ayah

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